CAS Publications 2018

The Books Published by CAS Department of History during the session 2017-18 which would be available for sale from April onwards:

1. ‘Abdul Qādīr Badā‘ūni, ​​Muntakhab ut-Tawārīkh

​​​​​(Volume I, 2, 3) [Persian Text]

2. Surat Singh,​​​​Tazkira-i Pīr Hassū Tailī

(Facsimile Print of the Manuscript with an Introduction and a biography of the Author)

3. Mohammad Habib,​​Sultan Mahmud of Ghaznin

4. Mohammad Habib,​​The Delhi Sultanate in History

5. Jamal M. Siddiqui,​​​Aligarh District: A Historical Survey

6. Irfan Habib,​​​​Essays in Medieval Indian History: From c.700 to c.1500

Apart from this the e-journal Bulletin of Sultania Historical Society, volume 1, no’s. 1-4 are available free to download from our website.

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